Ehsaas Aghosh Program 23000 Registration 2024

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program offers much-needed support to pregnant and lactating mothers, some users face challenges. Confusion about eligibility requirements and the application process are clear from searches like “new apply.” Difficulties registering or receiving funds after approval are other potential issues. 

To solve all these issues, we will provide complete guidelines on this program from registering to eligibility criteria.

What is Ehsaas Aghosh Program?

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program, likely related to the Aaghosh Program in Punjab, Pakistan, is a government initiative that supports pregnant and lactating mothers, particularly those from poor families. The program emphasizes the first 1,000 days, from pregnancy to a child’s second birthday, for healthy development.

It aims to improve maternal and newborn health by encouraging hospital deliveries and providing conditional cash transfers to eligible women. This financial assistance likely encourages women to utilize healthcare facilities and participate in programs that benefit both their own well-being and the healthy growth of their children.

Benefits of the Ehsaas Aghosh Program

The ehsaas aghosh program offer several benefits for healthcare support to expecting mothers and infants:

Financial Support:

It provides monthly cash transfers of varying amounts (23,000 and 17,000 rupees) to eligible families. This can help with financial burden during pregnancy and childcare.

Improved Maternal and Newborn Health:

The program aims to encourage hospital deliveries and access to healthcare facilities. This can lead to better health outcomes for both mothers and their babies.

Nutritional Support:

The program might also indirectly improve nutrition for pregnant and lactating mothers and their children.

Eligibility Criteria for Ehsaas Aghosh Program

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program seems to have two main beneficiary groups: pregnant women/mothers of young children and orphaned children. Here’s an overview of the eligibility criteria for each:

Pregnant Women/Mothers of Young Children:

  • The applicant must be pregnant or a lactating woman.
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Pakistan.
  • Financial Need: Must belong to a low-income family.
  • Target Area: The program might be focused on specific districts. For instance, Aaghosh program targets pregnant women in twelve districts of Punjab including Rahim Yar Khan.

Orphaned Children:

  • Orphaned Status: Must have lost one or both parents.
  • Age: Must be under 18 years old.
  • Citizenship: Must be a citizen of Pakistan. 

Requirements for Ehsaas Aghosh Program

The specific documents required for the Ehsaas Aghosh Program may vary depending on your individual circumstances. However, some of the most commonly required documents include:

  • National Identity Card (NIC) of the applicant or guardian
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Death certificate of the child’s father (if applicable)
  • B-Form (available from the Ehsaas program office)
  • Proof of income (if required)

Registration Process for Ehsaas Aghosh Program

For ehsaas aghosh program registration process follow these steps:

  • Visit your nearest ehsaas registration center.
  • Provide the required documents including, CNIC, Proof of income, or Birth certificate of child and fill your registration form.
  • Submit your form and documents to the registration staff.
  • After successful registration, you’ll receive a confirmation message.

District List for Aghosh Program

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program targets eleven districts across Punjab:

  1. Bhakkar
  2. Dera Ghazi Khan
  3. Muzaffargarh
  4. Rahim Yar Khan
  5. Mianwali
  6. Khushab 
  7. Leh
  8. Rajanpur
  9. Lodhran
  10.  Bahawalpur
  11.  Bahawal Nagar

Ehsaas Aghosh Program Duration and Amount

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program provides financial assistance to pregnant and lactating mothers from low-income families in eleven target districts across Punjab, Pakistan. The program operates from 2021 to 2025.

Here’s an overview of the financial assistance offered throughout the program, with a total value of up to Rs. 23,000:

  • Pregnancy: Rs. 1,000 for each of the four antenatal care visits (total Rs. 4,000)
  • Delivery: Rs. 3,000 to support childbirth expenses
  • Postnatal Care: Rs. 1,000 for each of the four after-birth care visits (total Rs. 4,000)
  • Immunizations: Rs. 1,000 for each of the six immunization visits for the child (total Rs. 6,000)
  • Health and Nutrition Counseling: Rs. 1,000 for attending sessions.

Funding and Progress of Ehsaas Aghosh Program

The Ehsaas Aghosh Program in Punjab has a large budget of approximately Rs 8,520 Crore, entirely funded by the Government of Pakistan. This significant investment highlights the government’s dedication to improving maternal and newborn health in the province.

Launched in August 2020, the program has progressed smoothly. As of now, it has established a network of 50 functional Ehsaas Aaghosh Centers spread across 11 districts. These centers act as vital hubs, providing essential services directly to eligible mothers and their newborns.

Helpline Number for Aghosh Program

If you need further assistance about registration and for any inquiries related to the program you can reach the Punjab Social Protection Helpline number 1221.

This helpline provides complete guidance related to the program.


What kind of assistance does the program offer?

  • Monthly cash transfers of Rs. 23,000 for eligible families
  • Financial support for prenatal and postnatal healthcare check-ups
  • Coverage for medical procedures related to pregnancy and childbirth
  • Funds for child check-ups and immunizations

Is there an age limit for the child to receive benefits?

Yes, the child must be under 2 years old to be eligible.

How long does it take to process an application?

While processing times can vary, you can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe after submitting your application.


The Ehsaas Aghosh Program stands as a source of hope for pregnant and lactating mothers, particularly those facing financial hardship, in eleven districts of Punjab, Pakistan. By offering conditional cash transfers alongside promoting healthcare utilization, the program tackles challenges in maternal and newborn health. This initiative not only empowers mothers but also invests in the critical first 1,000 days of a child’s life, opening the way for a healthier future generation.

With a significant budget and a network of dedicated centers, the Ehsaas Aghosh Program signifies the government’s commitment to improving the well-being of mothers and children in Punjab. If you reside in one of the target districts and meet the eligibility criteria, we highly recommend registering for this program to access its valuable financial and healthcare support.

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