Ehsaas Amdan Program Cnic Check Online & Registration 2024

People in Pakistan are struggling to meet their needs due to not having jobs and resources to make money. They’re not able to take care of their families, able to eat healthy, and also take medical care.   The Ehsaas Amdan program just solves this issue of people with low incomes. It gives people up to 25000 stipends so that they can start their startups and have a stable income. 

Not only that but the eligible people are also given assets like goats, sheep, fertilizers, sprays, etc to help people do their jobs with ease. So, do you want to know about this amazing Ehsas Amdan Program CNIC online registration 2024? Then, you’ll have to go through this piece of writing to the end so you can be equipped with all of the crucial information.

Ehsaas Amdan Program

Ehsaas Amdan Program

Ex-Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, used to worry a lot about the youth and their jobs when he was in power. He would think harder to come up with programs that could help those who don’t have jobs and stable incomes. He found out the ratio of unemployed people in the whole country and then launched the Ehsaas Amdan program. 

As you can easily guess by the name, it’s a program that helps people with their income by giving them 25000 stipends for starting their own businesses and small startups. Other than that, this program also gives people assets like Chingchi, rickshaws,  goats, sheep, livestock, and small shops so they can start working and earning money. 

Obviously, women should also be given the same rights, and the PM has considered this. He has reserved 60% of this program for women and 40% for all eligible men.

Ehsas Amdan Loan Program 2024

The Ehsaas Amdan program is a comprehensive program that is linked with ehsaas loan program by the prime minister of Pakistan to give easy interest free loan to the youth to start their businesses. The program, other than giving the loan and the assets, also gives stipends to the eligible individual.

If you have any important work or you want to start your own startup, then you can take a loan of up to 2 lac rupees from the program. But to get the loan, you must be eligible for the Ehsaas Amdan program and meet its criteria. It’s important to mention that you’ll have to return the loan in easy-to-pay monthly installments.

Ehsaas Amdan Loan Details

If you opt for a loan, then you have to make sure that you’re giving the right details to the program.   You’ll be asked about what you want to do with the loan.   

You’ll have to mention your purpose, like you’re starting a business or a startup, or you need the money for any other purpose. It’s possible they’ll ask for other personal details too, but you’ll have to give them right as they’re going to determine whether or not you get a loan.

Targets of Ehsaas Amdan Program

The focus of the Amdan program is also a lot on the agriculture of the country. Because everyone knows that this is the thing that Pakistan is rich in except hospitality and kindness. A 2.19 billion budget has been set for improving the water supply so that the crops can get enough water and grow healthier. 

Eligibility Criteria of Ehsaas Amdan Program

The Ehsaas Amdan program is made for only those people who meet the following given criteria. 

  • Must be a low-income household with a Poverty Score Card (PSC) of 0-18.
  • Should not own significant assets like land or personal property.
  • Must be unemployed or underemployed.
  • Priority is given to individuals with skills or experience in a trade or business.
  • Must be a Pakistani citizen.
  • Should not be a government employee.
  • Must be willing to participate in training and capacity-building activities.
  • Must demonstrate a commitment to using the program’s assets or loans for business purposes.
  • Women make up 60% of the targeted beneficiaries.
  • 30% of the beneficiaries are allocated for youth.

How to check the Eligibility criteria for the Ehsaas Amdan Program?

If you want to know whether you meet the criteria of the Ehsaas Amdan program, then you can do so by following the steps below.

  • Open your phone’s message and then there, send your CNIC number to 8171. This is the official contact number of the Ehsaas program, which they’ve made for the registration and for the criteria. 
  • When your message is sent, you’ll get a response telling you you are eligible. The response is usually immediate, but it may also take some time, so don’t be in hurry.

How to Register for Ehsaas Amdan Program?

I suggest you please follow the above-given steps and check your eligibility criteria first. When you’ve confirmed that you qualify for the program, you’re good to apply for the Ehsaas Amdan program. To make it easier for you to register yourself for the program, I’ve created this step-by-step guide that you can follow.

Ehsaas Amdan Program Registration Process

  • Head over to the Nadra website
  • Look for the Ehsaas Amdan Program tab and click on it.
  • The Ehsaas Amdan web portal will open up. Enter your CNIC or phone number as required.
  • Fill up the registration form with your personal information, contact details, previous job details, household registration and any other relevant information.
  • Once you’ve submitted the form, wait a few days for your registration to be processed.
  • You’ll get a text message with guidelines and the date of distribution if you’re eligible.

Ehsaas Amdan Program CNIC online check

After submitting the application, you must be curious about its progress. So, to check the current status of your application, you can simply follow the steps outlined below.

  • Make your way to Which is the official website of Nadra!
  • Go to the Ehsaas Amdan section.
  • Look for the “Check Online Status.”
  • Go for it, and enter all the required information there.
  • Now you’ll get a  Submit button that you have to click on to submit the form. 
  • The result will be displayed after your request is processed.

Ehsaas Amdan Program Helpline

If you have any queries or issues regarding the Ehsaas Amadan program, then you can reach out to them at 051-9246326. This is a member of the head office of the program. When your call gets picked up, tell the person your address, your concerns, and also whatever they ask you about. If you want to call the office center of the Ehsaas program, then 0800-26477 is the number. You can also go to bisp office for any question.


If you’re unemployed, need a loan, or need to start your own business, then no program is better than Ehsaas Amdan Program. This program is purely made for this purpose, and it gives people 25000 stipends, up to 2 lacs of loans, and also assets. Other than that, this program also aims to give food to babies in rural areas who are under five years old. This program has heavily invested in healthcare and agriculture. 

The EX prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, has made this wonderful program which is now helping millions of people across the country. If you want to register, then I’ve given a comprehensive process  Ehsaas Amdan program CNIC online registration 2024. So, follow that guide and get yourself registered for this program to make your life better.

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