Wazir e Azam Relief Package 5566 Online Registration & CNIC Check 2024

There are some things without which life can’t be possible. Such things include Flour, oil and sugar as they’re used to make the food. However, due to the lack of jobs and opportunities, most people don’t have enough money to afford these things. The Wazir E Azam relief package is launched to make it easier for such people to access services.

Wazir E Azam Relief Package

This relief scheme gives up to 50% of the discount on the daily needed Grocery items. It’s important to mention that this scheme is made only for those who can’t afford to get these items independently. Governments have specific criteria that the applicants must meet to ensure that the help is going to only such needy people. To learn Wazir E Azam Relief Package 5566 online check 2024 and it’s registration process, ensure you read this article till the end.

Wazir E Azam Relief Package 5566

The circumstances of Pakistan are not hidden from any of you. You can see that there are no jobs or even opportunities to help people earn enough money. Many people don’t have enough money to afford the daily needed grocery items, including flour, cooking oil, and sugar.

I also imagine how difficult it would be for such people to live without these essentials. The government of Pakistan tried to resolve this issue through the Wazir E Azam Relief Package 5566 program. It gives a subsidy of 50% on flour, cooking oil and sugar so that even low-income people can easily buy them. This program is helping millions of people across the country.

You must know that the Wazir E Azam Relief package is only for low-income people. It’s for those people who meet the specific criteria of the program. Other than the subsidies, the program also gives jobs to jobless people. We’ll learn how to get a job from this program ahead in this piece of writing.

What are the Eligibility Criteria For this Program?

You have to meet the following criteria to qualify for the program. If you don’t meet this criteria then it won’t be possible for you to qualify for this program. 

  • Valid CNIC Requirement: You need a valid Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) for both registration and verification.
  • Mobile Phone Access: Having access to a mobile phone with SMS functionality is crucial for program participation since SMS verification is in use.
  • Program Location: Currently, the program spans specific districts across Pakistan. Please note that there may be variations in the exact areas covered during extensions.

You must ensure you meet these criteria to be eligible for the program. Or else your application will get rejected on the spot. You’ll also need the required documents to support your eligibility. 

Wazir E Azam Relief Package Online Registration Process

If you want to check your Wazir E Azam Relief package 5566 online and know the registration process, then this section will teach you that. First, let’s learn how to check the CNIC, and then head over to the registration process. 

Check Eligibility:

First, head over to the 8171 web portal by searching for it on Google. Select the Wazir E Azam relief package program from the list. There, you’ll get a check eligibility option. Click on that and enter your CNIC number there. Your eligibility will be shown now. Once you know your eligibility, you can follow the guide below to register for the program.

Access Ehsaas Web Portal:

Visit the Ehsaas program web portal at 8171 (احساس پروگرام ویب پورٹل).

Check Eligibility:

Before registering, click on the “Check Eligibility” option.

Provide Information:

Enter your CNIC number and type the displayed words in the designated box.

Verify Eligibility:

Click on “Check Eligibility” to verify your eligibility.

Receive Confirmation:

If eligible, you will receive a confirmation message stating your eligibility.

SMS for Confirmation:

Send an SMS to 5566 with your CNIC number and await a reply.

Save and Utilize:

Save the received message and use it to purchase items like Att, ghee, and Cheeni from any Ehsaas program retailer.

How to Get a Job from Wazir E Azam Relief Package?

The government knows there may be poor people who can do jobs, but they’re not getting good opposition. Thus, they’ve also included the jobs option in their Wazir E Azam Relief package. This option is the best for all those people who can do the job but are not getting one. To get a job using this program, you just have to follow these easy-to-follow steps.

Visit the USC Website:

Head to the official Utility Stores Corporation website.

Navigate to Careers:

Once on the homepage, find the ‘Career’ tab.

Click and Apply:

Click on it and look for the “apply online” option; it’ll take you to the application form.

Complete the Form:

Fill in all the necessary fields with accurate information.

Add Your Photo:

You might need to upload a passport-sized photo as well.

Review and Submit:

Take a moment to review your details, and when satisfied, hit the submit button. That’s how you can easily get a job from the program.


The Wazir E Azam Relief package is the best for those who can’t afford their grocery items. It gives a 50% subsidy on all the most important grocery items, including flour, cooking oil and sugar. Besides that, this program also gives jobs to everyone who deserves one. 

I’ve mentioned the Wazir E Azam relief package 5566 online check 2024 and the registration process. You can follow that guide and register yourself for the program. I’ve also mentioned the eligibility criteria you must meet to qualify for the program. If you don’t meet the criteria, your application will be rejected.


The nature of the program, whether it’s a one-time relief effort or part of a sustained assistance scheme, is determined by government policies and budget allocations, which may evolve in response to changing socio-economic conditions.

The relief package may include cash transfers, food rations, utility bill subsidies, healthcare support, and other forms of assistance aimed at alleviating financial burdens and ensuring basic necessities for eligible households.


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